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March 2012 Newsletter

Thank You, Big Hugs of Thanks to all our Instructors and Volunteers!  We appreciate you so much!

Spring is here at Ski Apache and it is already the month of March.  In the last third of the season, we are still skiing and snowboarding some great snow and will be open until Easter, April 8th, unless the temps increase and cause the snow to melt rapidly.

At SADSP there is lots of news.  Our Silent Auction and guest Dana Bowman was a highlight of our season.  Dana sky dived into Easy St. at Ski Apache on January 28th and Mayor Alborn proclaimed this day Ski Apache Disabled Skiers’ Program Day.  Later that evening Dana presented encouraging and motivating words and video to the Silent Auction participants. Bowman, a retired member of the U.S. Army’s elite parachuting team, The Golden Knights, speaks about his belief that hard work and perseverance reap rewards.  Bowman became a double amputee when he had a mid-air collision during training in Yuma Arizona in 1994.  Lori Lamphere, assistant director of SADSP said “When Dana speaks to a group of people, his main goal, is to help those who hear his story to believe that miracles do happen and to spread the word that we all can make a difference in this world.  That is what SADSP is all about and Dana is a perfect representation of never giving up and living life to its fullest- even in the face of adversity.”  Thanks to Dana for making our Auction one of the best ever!

February brought the Cross your Heart Cup, a race put on by Ski Apache Snow Sports Learning Center, to benefit Ski Apache Disabled Skiers’ Program.  What a fun race on Easy St. that involved Skiing backwards, exchanging clothing and pouring wine!  Many from the program participated, adapted, tumbled and laughed!  Thanks to Justin, Larry Andrea and Bob.

The SADSP coaches also had two teams participate in Ski Apache Vertical Challenge, a race running from 10 am to 2 pm with a team of five; Patrick McCudden volunteer for SADSP from Holloman Air Force Base led the team that took 2nd place and the other SADSP team took fourth.  Kudos!

We have just completed our 6 week group programs.  All 60 participants of the weekly ski groups during January and February received medals and celebrated with speeches, cake and music at the Ski Apache Ski Lodge. Following is a review:

Esperanza Developmental Center sent a consistent 4 students and these guys have been skiing for years…so they are good! Jason Kermode was new to us this year but is a seasoned skier and took Marty to the upper mountain! Eddie made it successfully all the way through the challenge course as did Jessica.  What a challenge to have to STOP.  Jerry Hammond won the PRO-PATROL award 2012 for his always pleasant demeanor and concern for others.  Vanessa was new to the sport and despite fainting once, enjoyed skiing and came back another week skiing independently on Easy St.

RISD skied with us two days a week, Wednesdays and Fridays.  What great groups.  Thanks to the RISD staff for coaching.    Austin Cobos, Adam Lara, and Andres Franco get kudos for 100% participation on Wednesdays and Nikki, Keegan, Luis, Donnie, Brandon, and Stephen for Fridays.  The Challenge course both days were carefully and creatively designed and built by Marty and Maryanne.   The racers put forth speed and caution, balance and will, as they ducked and turned through the course.   Anabel Ramos received the PRO-PATROL 2012 award for her kindness and willingness to learn and trust and share.

NMSBVI had a similar challenge course for their last day and Lawrence timed himself each run to try to beat his own time.  This whole group has improved so much.  Cody and Deanna are being guided from the back! Alyssa is standing tall with Coach Bill.  Jolie decided to ski without her magic glider and Andrew C. proceeded from the ski bike to the bi-ski to skiing with the magic glider!  WOW! PRO-PATROL award 2012 went to Deanna Casarez for her attitude of gratitude toward skiing and Coach Peggy.

Tobosa Developmental Services from Roswell came to ski Tuesdays rotating the enthusiastic adult participants.  Troy, a Mescalero tribal member, got stronger and stronger each week and on the final ski day skied through the challenge course 3 times standing tall and proud.  Ian counted 16 rounds on Easy Street one day!  Jesse Moore received the PRO-PATROL Award 2012 for his kindness and helpfulness to others on the mountain.

ENMU-Roswell brought experienced and a few new mountain lovers.  I never saw anyone as smooth as Brenna on the snowboard through the challenge course.  Congratulations to Jon Hubbell for receiving the Pro-Patrol award 2012 for the group.  This group of college kids is always considerate and helpful.  They work hard to pay their way by making a donation to the Tracy and Lily fund which helps those with financial constraints to ski.

SADSP hosted Kinetic Kids’ for the President’s Day Weekend for their 4th year and successfully got everyone skiing and enjoying the snow.  Mauricio skied without the ski walker for the first time, and Logan spent a day sliding in the sled before courageously attempting ski boots and skis.  He did it.  The Marez brothers all in their own style, way and rate became independent over the weekend.  And veteran skier Elliott kept his stamina throughout the weekend and brought his whole family! 

The soldiers from Fort Bliss Warrior Resiliency Center are becoming a favorite group to ski with.  Each month a new group of 20 soldiers take some recreational time at Ski Apache. The demand that skiing has on one’s attention and the peace it gives once you get it, is unique and therapeutic.  Denney Barrus, Clinical Social Worker at the center and organizer of the ski trips said this after the most recent outing:    “I hope you know what a positive impact these opportunities have on these soldiers.  One soldier said to me the next day: ‘That felt so good… so peaceful… It was peaceful riding the chairlift up, and exciting skiing down.’ That made me realize,” Barrus continues, “that skiing is a metaphor for what we teach the soldiers here: Balancing the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic-excitement, and parasympathetic-relaxation).  Perhaps that really does explain why skiing/boarding is so good for these guys—it’s healing on a physiological level.”

SADSP is grateful to give the troops access to skiing as a way of giving back in thanks for their gift of protection and freedom to us.  Thank You!

Things to Come!

  • Spring Break is from March 10 through March 25th. Welcome New and Returning Skiers!
  • Training with PSIA certified Elise Bowne will be March 17 and 18. Saturday is Movement Analysis of the Visually Impaired and Developmentally Delayed. Sunday will be beginning bi-ski.  Please all who are taking this training be at the office by 9:00 a.m.
  • Coaches Party at JoAnne’s on April 1, 2012, Sunday at 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers Needed

Wanted: Volunteers for Ski Apache Disabled Skiers Program

  • Assist people with disabilities in attaining their potential
  • Take time out of your life, and make a difference
  • Have fun! It’s infectious and can spread

As our way of saying “Thank you,” volunteers who commit to 10 days of working on the mountain (training days count) can purchase a Ski Apache Ski Pass at half price.


  • Able to ski/snowboard a Blue run in control
  • Good sense of humor
  • Desire to learn & help others
  • Commit one day per week in January and February

E-mail or Call:
Shippen Davis
(575) 464-3193 (office)
(575) 808-1441 (cell)


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